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“I adore spending time with young readers and helping them grow their love of books and stories! It brings me so much joy to see their faces light up with excitement and curiosity. I especially love making kids feel seen.”

Whether it’s in-person or virtually, Maria enjoys speaking at schools and libraries, literary festivals, writing workshops and conferences, religious/civic organizations, and other special events. Presentations can be customized to suit the audience’s needs and interests.


Budding Virtues
Pre-K – 1

What do hope and courage and love mean to you? How can we express these big ideas in everyday life? In this program, young readers will listen to readings of Baby Hope and Baby Courage and then participate in an activity (making paper flowers and stars, coloring, or drawing) to celebrate how to live out these beautiful values. (30 mins.)

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You are a Force!
Grade 2-3

What does it mean to be a force? Audience members will enjoy a reading of The Amazing Power of Girls followed by an interactive demonstration of the different forces of physics founded in Maria’s knowledge as a chemical engineer. Students will then get to take a personality quiz to figure out which force they are. Optional Q&A. (30-45 mins.)

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Wordplay Wizardry
Grades 2-3

Explore the magic of metaphors, personification, and other linguistic tools in distilling complex concepts into simpler, easy-to-digest ideas. Students will enjoy a reading of The Amazing Power of Girls and Baby Hope (or Courage) and then dissect and analyze the rhetorical devices used in these books to convey complicated topics. Optional Q&A (30-45 mins.)

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Unearthing You in Story
Grades 3 and up

Nonfiction is not simply a list of facts. In fact, the most fascinating stories often contain a personal thread, woven into the fabric of the narrative. It is this authenticity that inspires readers to connect with the story on a deeper level. In her talk, Maria will share how she used her personal background to craft narratives that are both captivating and compelling. Option Q&A (30-45 mins.)

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From Imagination to Publication
Grades 3 and up

Have you ever wondered how to become a writer? In this talk, Maria will break down her journey from concept to cover, idea to book. Themes include drafting, revision, publishing process, and more. Budding storytellers and aspiring wordsmiths will enjoy this enlightening journey of bringing stories to life. Q&A. (30-45 mins.)

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Q&A Sessions for Classrooms
Grades 3 and up

Q & A for groups who have read one or more of my books. (20-30 mins.)

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My author visits are:

  • 30-45 min long, and include Q&A
  • Best for K-3rd grade
  • Interactive, informative, and fun!
  • Adaptable for small or large groups
  • Fully customizable
  • Free or discounted during launch month

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